Copywriting: An important part of SEO

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At Gethits, we know how important SEO is for your website and that is why we also offer SEO copywriting services at affordable rates. Also known as SEO content writing, it can help your business grow online and position your website higher in Search Engine Result Pages.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is coming up with a specific concept or creative idea for products or services. This is usually a well thought-out process that takes time and energy. These ideas or concepts are turned into advertisements that aim to increase brand loyalty and change the buying behaviour of people.

What is SEO copywriting?

Writing online content that is relevant, up to date and includes keyword phrases that will help your website’s ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Website copywriting is not an easy task, because one specific keyword can’t be repeated 20 times and you have to consider what keyword phrases people use when they search for a specific place, product, service or business.

Benefits of using professional copywriting services

  • It can help your business grow;
  • Increases website traffic;
  • Your website will be positioned higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs); and
  • Increases potential customers that can increase sales.

Why I should make use of SEO copywriting?

It is important that the content on your website is written in such a way that it is customer friendly, so the right words need to be used at all times. Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriters are well trained in using keywords to bring a point across. It is all about customer satisfaction so it increases search engine rankings, a good writer attracts traffic to your blog, therefore bringing you financial success.

How Does SEO Copywriting Work and Why is it Good for my Business?

SEO copywriters make use of many different techniques to consistently provide fresh, optimised content for your website to attract new visitors, increase your website’s search engine ranking, and keep your loyal visitors coming back for more.

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