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Website Design and Development with Gethits and Digiworks

Get Your Buisiness Online with Professional Website Design and Development

We know that sometimes small businesses and entrepreneurs need a little extra support when it comes to building their business. We’ve partnered with Digiworks so that together we can get your business online and thriving.

As the backbone of the business, Digiworks offers broadband ADSL for your home or business, server support, database management, website design and development, website hosting packages, as well as website management.

Once you’re online, we help you increase traffic to your website, improve the functionality of your site, and help you grow your business online.

If you’re not sure what kind of website you need, there are three distinct “kinds” of websites that you can choose from:

1. A website that sells products and services directly off your website

This website is generally known as an “e-commerce” website and has a shopping cart functionality. Visitors can pay for products or services from the website. This is a specialised website and a complex, individualised solution will be designed to suit your business’s needs.

2. A website designed to showcase information, products, services, events, achievements, and the like of an individual, business or organisation

A website like this is designed with engagement in mind. While visitors might not be able to buy the products and services online, this type of website makes clear where and how the products and services showcased can be acquired.

3. A website to provide basic information about an individual, business or organisation

As more of a portfolio, and first point of contact, the more understated website is catered closer to conveying information about a business, organisation or individual, and providing a way in which visitors can make contact.

4. Something entirely unique

Digiworks is accustom to unusual website requests that don’t fall into the above categories. A very specialised website can be designed to suit very specialised needs in terms of website design and development.

All websites designed and developed by Digiworks are individually quoted for in order to ensure that your website is exactly what your business needs.

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