10 Social Media Facts

In 2015 social media platforms are in their prime, and make up our primary mode of communication with friends across the world. Experts have analysed our behaviour and they’ve found some pretty interesting patterns! Here are the social media facts.

10 Social Media Facts about your favourite platforms

The Low-down on these Social Media Facts

1. Do social media networks help or hinder relationships?
According to WERSM, “We Are Social Media”, while 74% of couples say that the internet, and interacting on the internet, impacted their relationship in a good way, 25% said that the customary “confrontational online behaviour”, that anonymity of the web fosters, caused trouble in paradise.

2. Where do my parents fit in?
In a survey in 2013 it was shown that the fastest growing demographic online, across most social media platforms but especially Twitter, was the 55 – 64 year old age group. The 45 – 54 year age group has double on Facebook and Google+ since the survey.

3. What do people pin the most on Pinterest?
Unsurprisingly hipsters and foodies are very active on Pinterest and it turns out that food is the most pinned category.

4. Is the Facebook “Like” button really that popular?
While most of us just idly click the Facebook Like Button for friends’ statuses, or to stand a chance to win a prize, the total sum of Like Button clicks a day is 4.5 billion. That’s an average of 3 clicks per Facebook user everyday.

5. How do people get social?
It’s unsurprising that social media users more often access social media on their smart phones. In fact, 189 million Facebook users only access the social media platform on their smartphones. Whether it’s because of the need to stay connected, or that phone games are so addictive, 71% of mobile social media users said that they feel out of place without their smartphones on hand.

6. Is Instagram really still popular?
Yes, in fact. While Instagram has a slightly smaller weigh-in of 300 million users, 70 million photos and videos are sent daily via Instagram.

7. What is Google+, again?
While Google+ is 363 million users strong, the Google+ button is hit over 5 billion times a day!

8. I have a Youtube login?
In case you didn’t know, your Google login (which you use for Gmail) is now your Youtube login too since Google enveloped Youtube. Youtube has an estimated 1 million regular monthly users worldwide, and over a billion new users every month.

9. What’s so great about Pintrest?
Pinterest is special as a social media platform, because it has a use other than interaction: you can save the images you find on the internet is a neat, ordered way so that you can find them again later. This is excellent for active surfers, and is one of the most lucrative ways to market products because around 88% of Pinterest users will end up buying a product that they’ve pinned.

10. Where do I go to find something interesting to read?
Tumblr is also unique in its functionality beyond being a social platform. Users get to read what they want when they want to, with a multitude of choice. And if you’re worried about the content getting stale, Tumblr owners post 27 778 new blog posts every minute.

What is your social media platform of choice? Tell us in the comments below!

Statistics from: Simply Measured, WRSM, Jeff Bullas, Buffer, Search Engine Journal, and 60 Second Marketer.

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